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Ohio Divorce Records Lookup
The state of Ohio has a large population of 11 million. Equally big is its divorce rate which shows a worsening trend for decades. Thus, the state State Of Ohio Divorce Records archives now hold over millions of Ohio Divorce Records that are made open for everyone to access and use. As a rule, these documents are filed at county level. They are maintained at their respective County Clerk of Court?s offices.

An index of divorce files that are dated since September 7, 1949 is accessible at the Office of Vital Statistics of the state?s Health Department. It contains accounts for divorces that occurred in this state from January 1, 1954 up to the current time. However, be aware that what you will get from it is only an abstract of the document. Such kind of information is not a divorce decree and is not recognized as an official document in any legal transactions.

It is important to know that these abstracts of divorce files provide nothing but limited information which derives from the original divorce papers. You must also take note that only certified copies of divorce files are recognized in any serious cases. Obtaining this account requires a small fee for every 10-year search. The normal processing time is 2-3 weeks.

The Office of Vital Statistics offer several methods in obtaining public documents. Nevertheless, only those requests that are done through mail are processed by the state?s Department of Health. The truth is there are 88 counties in this state. Hence, gathering this information this way by yourself would be laborious and painstaking. Thanks to those commercial record providers online, though, for they make the task easier and quicker.

One of the many reasons why people need this file now is to investigate on someone?s personal background. It is important in checking out a prospective spouse, in-law, a relative, or even a friend. Moreover, it is required for a divorced person to have in order to be permitted to remarry. Other causes are to support one?s genealogy research, to search for biological parents by adopted children, and vice versa, as well as to establish identity and status.

The standard way of acquiring Divorce Records now is by turning to those services online. Generally, there are two versions to choose from: free-of-charge and fee-based. For legal or serious cases, paying a nominal fee for the service is worth it. This way, you will not only save much of your time, but you?ll also experience quality and peace of mind.
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